Title:  Our Australian Odyssey - 2001

Four Mulligans headed to Australia in September 2001


The Places we went

What we did - day by day

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In Melbourne

Charlotte likes gothic buildings Jayne as Bush-ranger Chinatown, Melbourne style The girls wanted to take this statue home! Whatever the nuisance might have been, we didn't!

Healesville Sanctuary

Wakey, wakey! It was hard to tell which was the teddy bear and which the wombat at first! Don't strain your neck looking for them - they're just there A hedgehog out during the day
  and about as fascinating! Spot the kangaroo Snakes, birds - it's all in a day's work for this fellow!
  I don't really have any snacks Very regal
  They just stood there Least they could have done was to eat something!
  Enough said! How come they don't fall out of the trees? 15 minutes a day activity!
  But that's no laughing matter Of course I'm not scared of them They're more scared of me because they know what's going to happen - every show!  



Sovereign Hill



The girls in the Bendigo Cathedral cloisters Oz_Bendigo_Cathedral02_thumb.jpg (3298 bytes) Oz_Bendigo_Cathedral01_thumb.jpg (5916 bytes)  


Cataract Gorge


Tessellated Pavements


Port Arthur