New Zealand family life, or
the life of a family in New Zealand.

A family of 5 - three girls and their parents, come from Lower Hutt, in the south of the North Island of New Zealand. The girls are now grown, and have formed their own attachments. Although they have all left home, the family is still close and share time together.

What have we got?

Desiree addressing her final school assembly at Taita College

Desiree says Farewell to Taita College

Desiree taught at Taita College in the Hutt Valley for two stints. She worked there from the late 1970s until taking time out to have children, and then later for a second period. In total, she served the Taita community for 32 years, finishing at the end of the 2019 school year.

What else?

A Diary and Photo album (& assorted other records) from one family on WW1

A Gallipoli Diary

Alexander (Sandy) Simpson Mulligan served right through World War One. He kept a diary until the evacuation of Gallipoli. And compiled a photograph Album of his experiences. So we're publishing it.

Other holidays and trips

We have always travelled. And now we have a penchant for recording the trip in pictures & possibly book-form. Europe in 1995, Australia in 2001,2011, the South Island, ...

Christmases past

Our Christmases are family times, and full of traditions, and rituals, none overtly religious, but all cherished by us all.


Like most families we delight in reaching and marking milestones: birthdays, graduating, funerals, getting married ....

A blog about nothing in particular


The trivial. The occasional. The quirky. Whatever takes our fancy.

Our Family Histories

Our Family Histories

We have a collection of the stories of our family histories.

Daisy Blanket sculpture installed in Lower Hutt

A Mulligan Miscellany

Material which didn't really belong anywhere else!

We have created a range of books, and all for sale!


We have produced a selection of - mainly photo - books. They are available for sale.

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